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i believe that gender neutral pricing is the best way to service my guests.

my service menu reflects the time, work, and upkeep needed to maintain your style. fn atelier also does not accept gratuity as it is already reflected in the service price

$96 long hair cut hair that falls past the middle of the back. the time to dry and style is extended to 75 minutes 

$84 medium hair cut hair that falls between the chin and the middle of the back

$72 short hair cut hair that is above the chin and does not involve clipper work 

$60 barber cut cuts involving clipper / trimmer work. will also trim the brows, ears and clean the neck line

$48 kids hair cut 12&under. ($10 additional price for shampoo / blowdry / mature style) 

free bang/beard/neck for existing hair cut guests only. if not a current guest, a $25 service fee is applied 

all cuts come with a relaxing shampoo, scalp massage and blowout

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