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tips and tidbits

day old dirty hair is best to hold updos

all other styles can be created on fresh clean hair


hair and makeup trials are a must, can be perfect for bridal showers, portraits, and bachelorette parties


don't forget the veil, clips, and hair pieces


waxing on the face needs to happen at least five days prior to the big day — in case some redness occurs, your skin has plenty of time to calm down

offering updos, down dos, braids, curls and everything in between, we are able to create the best style for every party, event, prom, fundraiser, dinner party, bride, bridesmaid, flower girl and beyond.

perfect any look with our wide variety of hair extensions and enhancements


smokey eyes, natural glow, and blushing beauty are just some of the looks our makeup artist can create for flawless photos and beautiful memories

I take great pride in waxing and tinting lashes and brows because I believe that I provide an unmatched level of service, care, and comfort.

I created my services by listening to my guests needs and combining my many years of training as a makeup artist into an experience that leaves you feeling cared for and beautifully groomed. 

$20 Brow Design

Enjoy beautifully shaped brows with a thorough cleansing and soothing process to prepare your eyebrows for warm honee wax, gentle strips and soothing oils to create optimum shaping. Excess hair will be waxed, stripped and removed, and your eyebrows will be carefully molded to flatter your face and suit your brow line. Light tweezing will be used to remove any lingering hairs. After all undesired hairs are removed a light concealer and brow powders will be applied so you can walk the city streets with confidence. 

$10 Lip Waxing

That problematic area just above your lip will be gently cleansed  to help align the hairs before removal then, your lip will be stripped and waxed in smooth and flowing strokes, until no excess hair remains.

$15 chin / sideburn / cheek waxing

This short, simple procedure serves to enhance your already beautiful complexion. With the use of gentle strips and soothing oils, this selective treatment addresses those problematic areas of unwanted hair that may be affecting certain regions of your face, including side burns, chins, and cheeks. (price per area) 

$25 lip + eyebrow waxing

This intricate two-step process of lip and eyebrow waxing focuses on the shaping of the eyebrow area and the clearing of that problematic area just above the lip; with both procedures involving cleansing, gently applied strips, and soothing oils.

$50 lower face waxing

This intricate multi-step process of waxing focuses on the clearing of hair on the lip, chin, cheeks, and sideburns ; with all procedures involving cleansing, gently applied strips, and soothing oils.

$65 full face waxing

This intricate multi-step process of waxing includes all areas including the shaping of the eyebrow area and the clearing clearing of hair on the lip, chin, cheeks, and sideburns; with all procedures involving cleansing, gently applied strips, and soothing oils.

$35 lash tinting

Eyelash tinting gives added definition and contrast to your lashes.

$20 brow tinting

eyebrow tinting adds instant pop, shape, contrast and thickness to your brows using semi-permanent vegetable dye.

$50 lash & brow tinting 

enjoy both a lash and brow tint while saving 

the process

for many tinting is a new concept, please continue on to learn more about these amazing services


we look at complexion, eye color, hair color, and the color of your hair's roots when it comes to choosing the right shade. the we custom blend the gentle color designed specifically for your brows, brows are gently cleaned then, applying directly to the eyebrow hairs keeping sure to stay neat and clean to avoid staining. once wiped away, waxing and shaping can be done.  


after placing a protective barrier and eye patch under the bottom lash line, we start by coloring lower lashes while you look up; then we move to the upper lashes with your eyes closed. the coloring process is approximately 10 minutes. once wiped away, lashes look extra dark and separated 

q & a 

how long does it last?

tints typically last three to four weeks, but it can vary from person to person. 

how long does it take? 

It takes about half an hour overall (both tints and a brow cleanup), but you will never feel rushed. 

Popup Party

a mobile makeup service & hair styling that comes to you!


Have an event that needs a fun activity? How about a bachelorette party that needs to be styled before going out? Have a house full of teens itching to learn how to do their own makeup and style their hair? Or maybe you just don't want to leave your posh hotel room? We can do that!

Stylists can do blowouts, makeup, braids, curls, updos & more. 

Create Me Package $125 - $150/person

includes a customized group makeup lesson, makeup application, and dry hair styling on each person at the party. each guest can pick from a chic braid, soft curls, beach waves, or a simple updo and will be shown how to recreate the look on their own. perfect for those who love doing their own hair and makeup and want to know the inside tricks from the pros.

4-6 total guests. Ages 17&up: $150 Ages 13-17: $125
Pamper Me Package $75-125/person

Have fun as all of you and your guests get glitzed, glammed and sparkled by our professional makeup artists and hair stylists. package includes: basic makeup application, dry hair styling with choice of chic braid, soft curls, beach waves, or a simple updo. 

4-6 total guests. Ages 17&up: $100 Ages 13-17: $75 Ages 12 and under: $50

* A 20% gratuity will be added to all parties and events.

A 50% deposit will be required at time of booking, and is refundable if you cancel your booking without at least a week notice

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